Friday, February 23, 2007

Abused from Deaf Oral School!

Good morning Everyone!

Here are the links for you to read at:

1. Since St. Joseph nuns sued in abuse claim from Boston School for the Deaf from this May 12, 2004 article link:

and this link:

and this link:

2. Where does the nuns of Sisters of St. Joseph come from? In 1836, six of the Sisters of St. Joseph traveled to the United States from LePuy, France, to teach the deaf — continuing a heritage of service begun in 1650 and characterized by values of quality, respect, diversity, community, justice, faith and Catholic presence.
Go read this link:

3. Go read this SHAME ON SISTER JOYCE BUCKLER, THE AUDIST ABUSER! which we got the letter from St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf on December 9, 2005.

4. Since now after December 9, 2005, there is an article from St. Louis Review on April 14, 2006 from this link:

5. There are new 3 other St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf in USA and please go read this link:

(you may want to go check on SJI's campus from your nearest hometown to see if they are hiring 50% of Deaf Professional (teachers and staff) there). You may want to ask to see if they have 50% Deaf on Board of SJI???

It is time to stop the abuse and oppressions against us, the Deaf.

Hope you all will have a very good weekend! I will be busy this weekend! Take care!


When ASL Be FREE???

When will ASL be FREE for Deaf people (including Deaf children and babies)?



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My 2nd EEO Complaint Form Failed!

EAP=Employee Assistance Program: I did tried my best to have another EAP Counselor who can handle the Family, Stress, Emotional and Keep Problem Confidential. But my 2nd EEO Complaint Form failed..

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oral Programs Harm My Family

Good morning everyone!

I couldn't explain more because it really hurt my family.

Thanks for your understanding! Hope you will have a VERY NICE DAY!

ASL Respectfully Yours,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sabbath Day!

(removed Video Egg) because hard to figure out how to put that video on my vlog! Give up Video Egg myself.

Thank you Jay, Colt Fan for explaining VideoEgg! Yes, true fast processing but don't know how to put Video Egg on my vlog! I just wanted to test myself with time before I zoom to work today!