Monday, May 07, 2007

Deaf Dad/Husband One Eye Blind

(about 3 minutes and half video clip)

I want to thank Karen Mayes and Erick, the Deaf Parents of Deaf Children for sharing some of us their own experiences from Deaf Education life. I did enjoyed watching their own video clips! Amazing and AWESOME vlogging Deaf Parents!

If any of you have information about new laser technology, please do put down on my vlog comment with link. That will be gratefully appreciated. I have to respect my husband to take his own time to think about booking an appointment to see the Eye doctor for his other eye. I cannot force him. It is up to him. I have to respect him, "not dorm student" (he was a day student) and "Left Student" from SJI.

Happy viewing, DOH/DOD Dorm Students Advocating, Shawn

"The Blue Brothers" (my 2 sons) from born Deaf "Chicago" Mom