Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Visitors" Artwork (for Hearing Parents & Professionals Better Understand) at any Deaf Oral Schools????

This video of my artwork (very simple to understand without using subtitles) be helpful????

Education for all Parents of Deaf children need to understand why we HATE VISITORS!Wondering if that "Visitors" artwork will be more helpful for some (not all) "Depressing or mixed emotional" CODAs to understand from their Deaf parents who were educated from Oral Deaf Education?

I feel that any Deaf Artists need to make more creative more better in "Visitors" than my artwork because I have not painting since Sept. 2003!!! YIKES!!! I have not been working on my old hobby for so long time. My artwork about "Visitors" at Orally Saint Joseph Institute for the Deaf was made in Sept 2003 may not be good enuff education??

Would that kind of "Visitors" artwork be more helpful for all hearing parents and professionals to understand why the teachers and staff are treating us, God's lovely Deaf children like animals? How come I do NOT EARN money from the "Visitors" to help my Middle Class War parents to save their money by enrolling very expensive Oral Deaf Catholic School while that school do NOT PROVIDE Bilingual or English As 2nd Language! Enuff said!


patti said...

wondering if u can upload the artwork - hard to appreciate the whole thing in the video cuz fast

looks very good from what i can see of it



The One and Only Ridor said...

Hi: Your artwork is great. Can you scan and load it on your blog? I'd love to analyze it!

My sister is excellent artist, too. Check this link:

Lily's Aesop



ASL Risen said...

Wow R!

I saw your sister art on my side kick pager! WOW so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much but I cannot get in your sister on my vlog??? Strange!

Thank you so much! I will leave my art on my vlog later after Superbowl game and Crazy SuperTuseday Election Day!! Hugs, Shawn