Thursday, January 31, 2008

For Real? A SuperCODA Keith Wann a Pats Fan on PepsiCo Ad!

I almost wet my pants from what I read on Keith Wann's comment to answer my question as "Bears Fan" from this blog link:

For Pete's Sake Keith Wann made me swallow a BIG FISH about that poor Deaf Giants Fan already ate 7 hot dogs?????? I don't think I will want to eat any more food on Superbowl Sunday!!

Wonder if we can vote for ASL fingerspelled "BOB" on Pepsi AD on this link:

Just wait for ASL "BOB" to be appear.. Sorry for this confuse!!! Have a very RELAXING SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!


Bill said...

You can vote this as best Superbowl commercial on AOL

ASL Risen said...

Oh BIG TRIPLE THANK YOUS, Bill Criswell! Love you! I love those both awesome SuperCODA Pats Fan and Deaf NY Giants Fan! Geez I gotta go back work now cuz my breaktime is so short and done! Big hugs, Shawn

Deb Ann said...

Thanks for sharing, ASLisRisen!


codawann said...

I wet myself eating a about awkward!
You crack me up...Swallow whale fish!

ASL Risen said...

Deb Ann,

You are very welcome!

Please excuse me, Keith! Excuse me, my jaws dropped!!! Couldn't believe you just did put your comment my vlog!!! Am I dreaming???LOL How's that poor Deaf Giants Fan guy after eating whole 7 hot dogs??? Hope he's NOT SICK!!!!

Warm hugs, Shawn

IamMine said...


Keith Wann is really a sweet guy!!!

He's coming to Michigan again this month!

But my ass is broke... pardon my French! ;) I'll TRY to make it there even if it means going by myself and starving with NO HOT DOGS!!!

Thanks, Bill, for the link! I will definitely vote for Keith Wann there! :)


ASL Risen said...

LOL, Mel the IamMine! Big HALLO! Long time no see! Hope you will see SUPERCODA Wann! Geez, my lunch break is done. Got to go back work now! Hugs, Shawn