Friday, February 01, 2008

Pepsi (Aquifina Water) Fan Snow in St Louis

I agreed with Jimactor about "Hearing Take Over". I already left my comment on this link:

There are some CODAS are far much better than poorly tasted 1/2 CODA AG Bell !!! Me right or wrong?????

Big WARM THANK YOU HUGS TO SuperCODA KEITH WANN for your surprise comment on my yesterday vlog!!!

Thanks to DeafLinkVRI for inform about State of Union with Bubble Interpreters!

Best of LUCK to all DEAFRead Nominatees on Saturday (tmw) at Banquet Awards!!!

Yes!!! You can vote this as best Superbowl commercial on AOL:

Gotta go get ready work soon! Hope I will be off from work on Superbowl Sunday!


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