Monday, February 04, 2008

Get Lost AGBAD!!!!!! Big Cheers for PepsiCO!!!!!!!

About "Hearing Culture Joke" called "AMP JUMPSTART" (Warning: Do NOT ATTEMPT! Do NOT Try that yourself and other people!) You can find and click on 4th quarter and then click: "Amp: Jump Start" on down below:

What's the point for the AGBAD and other Deaf complain about Deaf Joke from Bob House while the Hearing Culture did enjoyed their own joke from Amp: Jump Start on the 4th quarter commercial!!!! Get Lost, AGBell = AgBAD !!!

Thank you, Patty Durr and Ridor for wanting my second attempt from my artwork picture called "Vistors Plans" from Deaf Catholic Oral School on down below:

This down below picture explained about "Born Deaf Shawn (me) from hearing parents VS Not Born Deaf Laughing Mike from hearing parents too! Think about it too!!!!:


Deb Ann said...

Yes, I wish they could do the deaf commerical during the 4th quarter. I missssssed it because we arrived at my parents' house about 30 minutes late...from Denver. Oh, I missed it!

ASL Risen said...

Yeah RIGHT ON, Deb Ann! I feel that AGBAD influenced PepsiCO not to put in 4th quarter for the Saftey NE Pats Fans and NY Giants Fans to think about staying over friends house if they happened to be DRUNK or get sober with Pepsi!!!

AgBAD whines too much and had no sense of humor while the 4th quarter did show Hearing Culture Jokes on 4th quarter 2008 Superbowl Game!

ASL Risen said...

Anyway, I will take my own time to think about SHUT DOWN MY VLOG for good by tmw or after I get off from work later late tonight! If you want to know why, please do go read my comment on Diane's vlog called "Giants - Congrats! It is only a game but where is Bob's house?"

Bye DR and Deaf community!!! I am so TIRED and FELT OPPRESSED by ODAC insulting and making FUN of my low reading level skills!!!

Jean Boutcher said...

Do not give up your vlog to make
Richard Roehm happy!

Virginia Deaf Bikers said...

I agree with you completely!

ASL Risen said...

Virginia Deaf Biker,

Thanks for agreed with me!

Jean Boutcher! Yeah let Roehm go HAPPY and Im FINISH with him! So let him LEAVE ME ALONE! Tired of him picking picking PICKING on me and others who have Low Level Reading Skills!!! Thank you for understanding! I don't belong to him and others!

GalaxyAngelz said...

Hey you,
Don't worry about this guy who treated you stupidity.. Ingore him 110%
you're just fine as long you're great vlog and blog too.. Still counts.. Like everyone who truly cares about you and everyone are part of family together..
*poke your elbow* aren't you?
Chin up and be smile!
(hugs hugs)
kudos you...
Don't let AgBAD swarming all over other Deaf Community!
Keep stand up and be strong forever for best Deaf Community!

drmzz said...

Catching up on v/logs as I have no computer last weekend. Ignore him.

drmzz said...

Forgot add, duh, don't quit!

Anonymous said...

Hi ASLisRisen,
Wow!!! You are very great jobs. Richard Roehm is sicko. I bet that AGBell paid Richard Roehm $$$$$ for sure. I suspect that Richard was SPY on Deaf Read for AGBell. He won't tell us.

Squ65 said...

Let him go. He is not VIP. A friendly reminder: Smile ... We do care about you.

If he makes comments under my b/vlogs. I just simply reject his comments. He is such a loser. He is doing this because he is angry at himself for being a former Deaf oralist or even he doesn't make any good friends here. I don't lash out to everyone here - just because I had missed out a lot (especially with Deaf Peers). Shit happens ya know. Hang in there gal!