Monday, January 28, 2008

Need More Empower Deaf Marketing on Superbowl Ads????

Hmmmm, interesting that Deaf Old Guard seems doesn’t have good sense of humor!!!!??? How VERY sad!!!!????

Hey Deaf Old Guard???? Got another job for you!!!! Maybe you need to understand that every year, Super Bowl ads always show humor and funny with hearing actors/actresses in it. Not that serious, just jokes…same with deaf actors in new Super Bowl ad. Just once for Super Bowl tv…not everyday. Got it, Deaf Old Guard? Maybe the Deaf Old Guard need to take sense of humor medicine???? Why can't the Deaf Old Guard need focus to help T-Mobile Company or other Pager so we, the Deaf will enjoy more Deaf actors in thier own Pagers ads to help more EMPOWER the Deaf Marketings!!!??? Just throw my 2 cents thoughts!!!!

Sincerely yours, A Deaf Water Fan

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