Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do Not Allow Captioning Rape My Body!

Greetings Everyone!

I understand some of you who do not want me to give up my vlog. I cannot do the captioning work myself.

So I hope you will understand how much I had been trying so hard work to make the google video link captioning for 4 days but it won't work at all for me. I was burnt out from my being frustration to work on the captioning or subtitling. So I prefer to have captioning to be automatically turn off and turn on in regards to respect the viewers' choices. Thanks for watching my vlog. Hope you will have a very good day!



aidan mack said...


Welcome to Vlog world. I must agree with you that if people want to do the transcript, they should ask for Vloggers' approval first before they would print it.

Vloggers and viewers don't demand Bloggers to do the ASL version. Yet some bloggers and people feel they have a right to demand Vloggers to do the text version.

Please respect Vloggers' boundary lines and ask their permissions if they can translate from ASL to text. Vloggers need to make sure that the translators translate right and deliver Vloggers’ the original message, not translators’ message.


Anonymous said...

If people whinge about having captions, then TOUGH. It's stupid that sign language vloggers are asked to provide captions and called selfish if they don't etc.

Yet we see the same people doing English based blogs and not doing a sign language video...they would not do it either. Why should they have the right to demand that you provide captions but not provide access in sign language?

ONLY and ONLY if YOU want to do it, more power to you. It's your choice and no-one have the right to demand this or that of YOUR blog.

What I do is to just add a English summary below my video, like you have. That's good enough. Sometime I don't bother. My blog = my choice.

Your blog = your choice.

Happy vlogging!

IamMine said...

I agree with others!

It's really funny that so much pressure are put on ASL vloggers!

We show too much respect to hearing vloggers and I'm tired of this "well, you are in the minority" statement.

Sorry! It's not like we're trying to block you all, but we want our freedom to express our thoughts, so leave us be.

In time, everyone will be included - but right now we need to empower ASL.

We don't need more bricks around our necks (see Aidan's perfect signing in one of her vlogs *wink*) while trying to bringing ASL to the surface as a language.

SKE, I felt like you were speaking for me as well when you described your education growing up!

I, too, was too polite and did my damnest best to do well in English, but no *respect* or encouragement in self-expression via sign language.

As a result, it's damn shame that my mind blocks frequently when I try to convey my messages in sign language - PSE.

Yes, PSE. That god awful "tool"!! ;)

Anyway, great vlog! :)

I was just saying to Mike ("Oh I see") that there were plenty of vloggers that would reinforce my thoughts!

Keep vloggin'!

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

If someone creates captions that you didn't authorize, you can tell them to remove it from their blog, because the copyright belongs to you.

The copyright laws are very clear. Anything that you create (including vlogs in ASL)is your intellectual property. It is not necessary for you to label it as having a copyright.

The only exceptions are newsworthy events, meaning that you yourself are causing a newsworthy event (your vlog or blog post itself is newsworthy). But if you are simply commenting on other newsworthy events, or just making comments about everyday topics, then it is not an exception. Those are your comments and they are protected by copyright law.

Congrats on your new vlog.



Anonymous said...

WOW, what a gutsy vlog! Thank you for jumping in and sharing your perspective. I would love to watch more stories from you. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I know we all love ASL. However, ASL is a part of second language. I consider that the Spanish language is the second language.

I was raised to be an oralist until I learned sign language later in my age. Therefore, English was my first language. I do not concur with you about the ASL for being the first language.

For what I understand that the children with deaf adults have taught their children in ASL as their first language. English and reading are the most important for our lives. For instance, it is similar with the spanish language, the spanish people are considering spanish language as their first language.

RLM said...

Bravo to you, Aidan and Happy Vlogging and other individuals including me stand up to Jamie Berke and her unreasonable request exceed vloggers' limited resources.

That is exactly "undue burden" on deaf vloggers for captioning their vlogs.

Excellent headline on your latest vlog - "Do Not Allow Captioning Rape My Body!" What a beautiful title!

We must stick together to preserve our beloved ASL language from being mangled or compromised.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Barb DiGi said...

Welcome SKE to the Vlog fog world! Funny cuz' I tried captioning on one unpublished video and I couldn't dare to post it because it ruined the whole picture. So never again will I attempt it nor allow it. Like the others say, you rule your blog as the way you like it!

Getting the message across to parents of deaf children can be voiced over rather than captioning. As for now, I have been writting my summary text for some vlogs but not necessarily all the time as it depends on what are the messages and the audience.

Happy vloggin!

ASL Risen said...


Sorry! I just happened to keep my long sight on beautiful SNOW after I got off from my work yesterday evening!

I need to catch up my hobby work by following up on Kalalau's Korner: "ASL Vlogging Beginners".

Have a good day and stay warm!

Paul said...

Hey Shawn!

You did a beautiful job! I am delighted that you are doing very well on vblogging! Keep up the good work!

It is those fools in audist town who are missing the fun!


ASL Risen said...

Thanks Paul!

You were the first Deaf Missouri Vlogger!

Smile, Shawn