Thursday, February 15, 2007

Parents Shock Baby No Hear?


Hope that will consider to add or put "For Parents" icon or something better idea for the Parents' Must Read? It's important for Parents who shock their baby no hear because they don't know what to do with raising their own Deaf child.

See I am using Sim Com???? That's why we parents need to learn more ASL skills to communicate with our Deaf children so we cannot leave our Deaf Child Behind!

I like to watch "No ASL Left Behind" with NALB's First Chapter from Deaf Progressivism's vlog! Welcome to the Vlog World, Deaf Progressivism!

Vloggers (beginners and more experiences) pls try to follow up on Carl's instructions "ASL Vlogging for Beginners". Wow good advise from him! Maybe now my brain is dead but will come back later when I am not too busy. Or maybe I got FED UP from using my web cam all the times already.

Or maybe I am fed up with my frustration of cleaning up my files and need to delete some of my video documents (I think but I m no good at computer technology skills). Plus, I m fed up with my no good skills at recording video cd from my hard drive.

Have a good day! SKE


Anonymous said...

Hi. That's a good idea. Have you contacted a DeafRead human editor yet about your idea about a logo for hearing parents?


webmaster said...

My parents found out I'm deaf. How they found me become deaf? Answer, I can't heard too loud tv with highest volume. Parents thought I'm normal person but they decided to test play sound with things for example kicten tools make noise. I was sit watched tv and they tried to noise me. I still can't heard it. They decided to go doctor test my ear. Doctor told them I'm really deaf normal born. They were not know that and found deaf people are same thing because long time ago, that time hostial don't have a special test heard. Today is new tech ear test than old time.


Anonymous said...

Many deaf children of hearing parents receive little or no language input due to lack of accessibility because ASL may be difficult for hearing parents to learn.

Anonymous said...

You'll need to be able to defeat the so called 'thick tunnel' that leads families with newly discovered deaf kids from the doctor's office to the audiologist.

Richard Roehm

Anonymous said...

I like your comments very much about having the human editors somehow note that the vlog is for parents, as well as the captioning. However, the problem is that parents really have no way to even be aware of The folks the parents are talking to are from the medical standpoint and may not share or may not even be aware of deafread. I live in Georgia and was recently trained to be a deaf mentor. That means that if the parent is already enrolled in some sort of early intervention, they are asked if they would like to meet someone who is deaf, that is, a successful deaf adult. The problem is that only about 10% of the parents are interested, as most tend to go the oral route. However, this mew deaf mentor program is a good start. The issue is getting the information to the parents (how?) and changing the psychological mindset of the parents who are obviously hearing (How?). Great vlog. Enjoyed it. Keep it up.