Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Msg for someone who protects my body from CC!

Greetings Everyone!

My perspective on Enough is Enough! I have to respect the Deaf children who need ASL as their own first language needs in their own early education life while some of us did beared (suffer) struggling to understand English language without ASL education access.

It's so UNFAIR that we missed alot of ASL in our early education life while the English educators oppressed against ASL for so MANY YEARS! To let you know that I had enough pain life from some deaf and hearing people who still do made fun of my no good English grammars for so many years! Enough is Enough!

It's so UNFAIR for some of us (NOT ALL) Deaf children and adults who still have been suffered and confusing with our currently Sim Com languages! We need NOW FOCUS to take ASL as our first True Primary Language education back on this Earth or Eyeth!!!!

What we, the beginning ASL Vloggers need to go look up on this link:

Then we need go stroll down to look for "Kalalau's Korner: ASL Vlogging for Beginners." It's very IMPORTANTANT for us, to follow up on Carl's brilliant instructions! Let us all get to work on our vlogging!

For right now, I need to take a break from reading and vewing on for a while because I need to catch up cleaning my home! While I will do cleaning up my home, I will enjoy thinking about what to do with my vlogging from Carl's instructions!!!

Enjoy your day! And do pls stay warm yourself!

Warm ASL Respectfully Yours, SKE


Anonymous said...

I understand what you went through in the past. We have missed so much with all the vocabularies and slangs. We were the same boat.

However, the hearing parents who never have experienced with the deaf child or children, were their responsible to research for what's the best for their children. The children were their high priority.

I have told my hearing children to write and read the books. That is the most important. Right now, my oldest daughter's writing skills are exceptional and way ahead of their classmates. That is because she have used her "equiette" (sp?) vocabularies. I also told my girls to read some books, newspapers, magazine and read the closed captions on TV all the time.

White Ghost

Jay said...

Wonderful and heartfelt comments from you.

However I want to point out one thing for clarification -- its the other way around, Ben would be asking YOU to approve his transcript not you asking him to approve.

Ben respects you and all other vloggers preferences and choices and would offer to transcribe only if you approve it, and then you can further review the trascript and approve, modify or reject it. The freedom of choice remains with to you.

Der Sankt said...

thank you jay. I think Shawn knows that--this morning she approved her transcript!

Shawn, the transcript is copyrighted by you. it belongs to you alone! you can do whatever you want with it.

it's yours. your words and your ideas. I just translated it into English so English speakers would understand you and maybe improve their thinking and promote better lives for our Deaf children.

Der Sankt

ASL Risen said...

der sankt,

Thanks for your reply! I just want to be double check sure. I already put "go copy and paste" your link under my "Introduction" vlog.

Have a good day!