Friday, February 16, 2007

Favorism? Criticism? Lonely?

Greetings Everyone!

Comes to my concern mind: if you any Deaf church members, you should go check that bar owner and ask him/her where the money go to?

If if if any of you Deaf church members, pls do think about go to "public" quarterly board church member meetings and make sure to request your own church to set up the media library. They the board of members should respect by setting up the internet computers in thy church media library. Why???? Some Deaf people who cannot afford to buy their own computer at their homes because some Deaf people do not have job. Please do think about it?

Cold here now! (5 degrees now but will go up to 34 degrees later today) I gotta go ready warm myself before zoom to work today. Please do STAY WARM yourself and hope you all, Vloggers will have a very NICE DAY!

Warm ASL Respectfully Yours, SKE


Anonymous said...

Church members going to bars asking for money? Umm, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Fix your hair... freshen your face... and more cheer...
I really enjoy your Vlogs.
Keep up..