Thursday, February 08, 2007

Installing Caption Problems!!!

From my experience today with struggling install the caption or subtitle on one of my vlogs that did GULPED my time!!! Me off to bed now because the google video uploading link green, yellow, blue and red balls made me fall asleep.

Good night!


Fookem said...

Maybe you try Bubble Ply?

Dragon 21 said...

Hang in there. Don't get too frustrating. I'm not familiar with adding cc to Vlog. I'm sure someone will help you.


ASL Risen said...

fookem and dragon 21,

Thanks for your comment but I am concerned for any Vloggers who are Deaf Working Women and Deaf Working Mothers do really have their own busy schedule. Of course, working on captioning or subtitling that did REALLY GULPED our time to do all the dirty work ourselves.

I personally did experienced working on the text msg for captioning for 4 days!!! Too MUCH PRESSURES and felt so oppressed myself!!!

fookem, interesting about Bubble Ply!!! But but but I am not sure if we, the Vloggers want the caption to be shown on our vlogs if any Vlog viewers who want to have the subtitling to be taken off from our vlogs if Bubble Ply do NOT HAVE automatically to be turn off???

What if any Vloggers just want the "captioning" to be automatically "turn off" and "turn on" for the people with ASL Impaired and the parents of Deaf children who want to read the captioning or subtitling to learn how to raise their own Deaf child in right path of life. We need to inform that ASL do not harm our life without oppressing the Deaf children who need ASL to improve their cognitive skills without having language delayed in their early age.

I am still concerned from watching on Jay's vlog "Feel Free Express". I just have to wait to see what is going on with the number 3 and number 4.

What I am concerned??? If anyone who wants to do the transcript from our vlogs, they have to ask the Vloggers permission first then we need re read proof on English transcript before we decide to approve or not.

And also we, the Vloggers concerned if we do not approve with the transcriptors who will probably have their own nerves to put the English transcript to invade or cover our bodies! It will be so sad if the English transcript made our Vloggers' body to be disappeared!

We, the Vloggers do not want the captioning or subtitling that will probably be covered any Vloggers' body without turning it off. That may turn the Vlog viewers off if any of our vlogs do not have automatically off???

To come my mind: what will happen to any of us the vloggers do not approve any English transcript from reading the English transcript while if any of us, the vloggers do accepted other English transcript better than other transcript ??? Jay's KISS issues number 4 hit me hard!!!!

Thanks to Jay for making me think twice from watching the KISS number 4 on his link:

Now I gotta go jump in the shower before zoom to work. Hope you will have a very NICE day!


Anonymous said...

You can check either Media Center or Information Center at Gallaudet.

President Davila have his own vlog along with the captions every Tuesdays. Wonderful information. Go check Gallaudet.

drmzz said...

Shawn, the last thing I want to see is you being stressed. Don't worry about it! Be happy and free. I said that one can *either* provide captioning or text summary or transcript put on blog or nothing at all. Right now, you don't have to do any of these. Just do your ASL vlogs, be yourself.

FYI, captioning in google video requires .srt or .sub file produced by "Subtitle Workshop" prgrm. Again, it is optional of your choice.