Friday, February 23, 2007

Abused from Deaf Oral School!

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Here are the links for you to read at:

1. Since St. Joseph nuns sued in abuse claim from Boston School for the Deaf from this May 12, 2004 article link:

and this link:

and this link:

2. Where does the nuns of Sisters of St. Joseph come from? In 1836, six of the Sisters of St. Joseph traveled to the United States from LePuy, France, to teach the deaf — continuing a heritage of service begun in 1650 and characterized by values of quality, respect, diversity, community, justice, faith and Catholic presence.
Go read this link:

3. Go read this SHAME ON SISTER JOYCE BUCKLER, THE AUDIST ABUSER! which we got the letter from St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf on December 9, 2005.

4. Since now after December 9, 2005, there is an article from St. Louis Review on April 14, 2006 from this link:

5. There are new 3 other St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf in USA and please go read this link:

(you may want to go check on SJI's campus from your nearest hometown to see if they are hiring 50% of Deaf Professional (teachers and staff) there). You may want to ask to see if they have 50% Deaf on Board of SJI???

It is time to stop the abuse and oppressions against us, the Deaf.

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Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. There are over 85% SJI alumnus who are in the sign language. The sister of SJI's are the loser.

The SJI cannot have the right to control of us when we are in ASL.

There are many stories that have NEVER changed at SJI. I met several alumnus who worked there and they mentioned that things have NOT changed.

The reason why I have NEVER visited SJI since I graduated from SJI in 1977.

Oral and speech classes are the sucks.

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

Next, Clarke School in Mass. should be next!

Janis said...

I'm a hearie, but I went to 12 years of catholic school with St. Joe nuns -- the Shock Troops of the Almighty. I don't find it hard to believe at ALL that they could be this vicious to ANY kid. I can easily see these nuns being as vicious to a class full of oral-deaf kids as they were to classes full of hearing kids in the 1970s. I don't even like thinking of some of the stuff they did to us (and to me) even more than thirty years after the fact.

I'm totally rooting for the complainants in this case. I hope those nuns get sued into the ground.

Anne Marie said...

Good you bravely tell the truth!! I was raised in a strict Catholic home and I COMPLETELY agree with how the Catholic mentality, ethics, all way to the spirituality STINKS. Catholics are simply deviant.

One part about people ignoring you and is very common. People do not want to bother with something when they are content with their own life, jobs, and comfort zones. It keeps going on until somehow they finally wake up. Survivors rather to stay quiet because they do not want to be hurt by lack of support. This is the reason why I am posting, I am stepping forward to let you know. Be strong.

Contact the local, if possible, a deaf program for violence survivors and work with them to get lawyers. You all can win.

Please keep us informed!


Anne Marie

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

Wow, what a nightmare... :(

Thank you for providing this extremely important information.

This why we need to emphasize that Gallaudet and the residential schools are not charities. If the government provides education to hearing students, then deaf students should receive equal treatment under the laws, which is what the Constitution requires, and the government should provide an equal level of education to deaf students.

People who view the deaf schools as being charities do that because they want to feel superior and they want to social status of being a benefactor.

I received a telephone call during the HMB takeover from a major network news TV reporter who tried to tell me that Gallaudet was a charity and that the protesters were doing the wrong thing. This is why we need to educate the public about the concept of the 14th Amendment and equal treatment under the laws

RLM said...

I frequently associated with the former Boston oral school students over years. I was told many stories from those individuals based on their personal experiences endured such horrors from the nuns.

I could see how emotionally fragile and thin-skinned former Boston students are becoming adults. How sad!

Let's whip the abused nuns and other guilty parties thru the legal system and make them payback for what they done to you and other former Boston oral school students.

How ironic of the foundation of deaf education for very first time in the world's history was the Catholic church and Ponce deLeon.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Platonic's Eye said...

Well, I myself went to St Joseph's School for the Deaf in Bronx, NY. When I was a kid student. I could not recall that kind of abuse. At my school many of teachers did not wear any nun dress just regular. Mnay of us did not spend time at sleeping at school we all were day students. So I could not recall anything. I wish I could share with you1