Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who to Tell that We Want Safe Deaf Education?

Is Oral Deaf Education control more dangerous than it has to be?

It could be, if taking oral deaf education alone! How can we tell the Affordable Housing Assistance Program (AHAP) or Missouri Housing Development Corporation that you want only the safest Deaf Education place for the Deaf children and community!

These oral deaf education contain develop oral language and speech without the use of sign language called oppression, which doubles the risk of life-threatening mental health compared the Left Behind Deaf mainstream education students and independent adult lives that do not contain this Deaf community opportunity.

Yet these alone oral deaf education schools are no more effective at preventing sign language than others on the education market. So why are the oral deaf education being programed in only oral language and speech without the use of sign language that could harm our healthy mental Deaf communities for no reason? Are we supposed to learn how to oppress or use the hate crimes on some of each other the Deaf who failed in language development by one of the SJI's 6 Programs: Help children develop oral language and speech without the use of sign language? Please do go read on one of the 6 SJI's Programs' link:

Should we be aware of how to urge the AHAP (is there any Bush's Administration for AHAP) to protect the Safest Place for Deaf Education and ban the money donation or ban the TAX CREDITS from that the oral deaf education, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf???

How can we contact the Affordable Housing Assistance Program (AHAP) that is a tax credit program of the Missouri Housing Development Corporation to REMOVE the Tax Credits from the Not Safe Healthy Mental Oral Deaf Education Place, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf?

While the absolute risks we're talking about may be relatively low, they're also completely unnecessary. And these oral deaf education are so widely used in the U.S. alone - that any increased risk of offer daily speech-language instruction or speech-language therapy without use of sign language for every Deaf student should NOT be ignored.

These oral deaf education threaten mental health without providing any increased benefit over other available sign language. How can we contact the right person who is in charge of AHAP to ban the Tax Credits in Not Safe Healthy Mental Deaf Oral Education- inform our call and know you want only the safest Deaf Education Place for the Healthy Mental Deaf Children and community will be greatly apprecated?

And why does the AHAP continue to ignore evidence that these Oral Deaf Education St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf hurt the Left Behind Deaf Students and Deaf community Mental Health and family problems?

We need to learn how to demand that the Bush's Adminstration called AHAP to ban the money donation or REMOVE the Tax Credits from the oral deaf education, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf!

Please pardon me for not taking US Government Studies due to my failure student when I was in a mainstream high school education due to St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf nuns, teachers and staff did ordered and advised my parents for banning me to use educational interpreter!

Sorry no time vlogging myself this time. Too many activities for my 2 kids now in this spring time! Thanks for your understanding my busy full time working mother role!

Respectfully ASL Yours, SKE


Anonymous said...

oh boy, what a heavy blog. i feel for you. my children attend sjid. they use asl at home 'cause im a deaf mommy. i have to tell you first hand that sjid deaf education is top notch. yes, there are some language delayed deaf kids there right now, but there are also a whole bunch of deaf kids whose lanuage are pretty much grade level.

im a product of residential school and i can tell you irst hand that there are deaf graduates whose language skills parallel with hearies on the 4th grade level or below. There are also successful ASL deafies reading on grade level.

Spekaing of mental health. There are a number of f...ed up deafies coming from ASL schools needing mental health assistance. I can say it goes thesame for some oral kids being placed in mainstream schools without terps beyond SJID.

BUT with the age of CI technology, accessibility for those oral kids are much wider than during your time.

Thanks for sharing your blog and allowing me to share my perspective based on what Ive seen, experienced, and what I believe in.

Anna S

Ashton said...

Sex education is safer than oral education. Ash

Anonymous said...

Waste their school time by how to learn speech and hearing. That's the bull. They need more time learning how to read, write and do the math. Academic comes first! Cut the speech, oral & sex education!

The deaf ed needs to teach the children academically! Look at these befor Milan 1880 Resolution.

No extra schools for deaf kids because ASL is proven the best answer.