Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oral Programs Harm My Family

Good morning everyone!

I couldn't explain more because it really hurt my family.

Thanks for your understanding! Hope you will have a VERY NICE DAY!

ASL Respectfully Yours,


IamMine said...

I'm having a hard time holding my tears here... stupiiiiiiiidddddddddd people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stupid stupid stupid stupid and IGNORANT people!!

Vloggers - see what you need to do?

Get out of the closets and bomb deafread with more vlogs!!

Share your experiences!!

SKE - thanks for sharing the painful story with us.

stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stuuuppiddd

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your story really hit me hard. Stay Strong.. Don't give up.. Your sons will appreciate you for being you and as a wonderful mother... I know it is hard to talk about your experience in public. I applaud for your brave.


Dianrez said...

Such actions should not be tolerated. I hope any parent who sees this behavior reports it and calls it for what it is: discriminatory. There are worse words for it, however. We should promote acceptance and understanding for all methods and all children, just as we do for children of different races or religions.

Paul said...

That teacher who slammed in your son's face ought to be shot execution style by the firing squad!!!!

That teacher has NO excuse for her behavior towards your son!

Your son is very good and a nice guy! He will do fine!

Damn those audists and their oral programs!

Good job on your videos! I need to talk to you real soon and offer some ideas! =)


Albert W said...

I know you are hurt. You must share with us. Many writers or bloggers are hurt with different experiences as Black, Gay, Woman, et. They share their experiences. they feel pain. You need to tell the hearies your pain. Don't hide your pain. I was raised Oral, too. It was very painful, but I shared with many deaf people who had the same experiences. Please don't stop.

mishkazena said...

omg. I think you should send a formal complaint to school district officials about this school promoting negative attitude and treatment of ASL using deaf kids. This is completely unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Your story is very important to many of us who need to know about how our society views our language and culture. I heard you. I was there when they made fun of my parents as well as my language. You're not alone.

Ella Lentz said...

Its very important that we get more stories like yours no matter how painful it is to watch them ... and obviously its very painful for you to tell it. They are testimonies to the real injustices out there against Deaf people. We need to pay attention to these stories, collect them, analyze them, and use them as fuel for our fight for justice.

ASL Risen said...

mishkazena, I did tried but they will NOT LISTEN and no reply from the district!

Thanks to all Commenters, I will stay strong and take care of my family.

Now I have to cook supper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn, how is the cooking? I can imagine how it's tough to talk about those experiences - some would consider it as a trauma. Wanted to say thanks for welcoming me as a guest at Carl's blog and I've been enjoying watching your vlogs : )

Joshua Staley

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your very painful story with us.

Do you have a student advocate in your area? If you don't know of one, I might suggest that you contact the nearest school of the deaf. They might be able to give you the name of an advocate.

Also, contact NAD as well.

You already made one of the most important steps... vlogged your story so that the rest of us know.

I agree with the other commentors. You are NOT alone.


mishkazena said...

If the school officials refused to respond to your complaint, then go above them. Don't stop there. Persist making noises and keep going above and above.

In fact, I strongly encourage you to contact the media. Abuse and discrimination against deaf kids cannot be tolerated and in fact, against the law.

And you have us. Share with us the school contact information and we'll bombard them with complaints. :)

Gallaudet Protest Legal Issues said...

If you read the Babbidge Committee Report from 1965, you will see that they reported that oral method educators are the "purists" and that educators who favor using sign language ("manual method") are NOT the purists. (See pdf page 26 = book page xxix.)

That means that the Babbidge Committee declared that we are not absolutists!

(The pdf file takes two minutes to download with broadband, but it's worth it.)

ASL Risen said...

The cooking was great after my Deaf husband and I did enjoyed watching Carl's vlog "The Dog named Fifty".

We felt better ate our supper after we watched Carl's dog story! We do appreciated Carl's vlog so much! We need HAPPY MOOD to cook dinner and eat our supper.

It was so hard for us for so many years. About NAD??? I think I did sent it before but I am not sure because I was under PRESSURE while I did tried to file EEO to get better EAP. Failed to file EEO because of someone who wanted me to go for return a car and wanted to go out for lunch date with me!

Candace A McCullough said...

I agree 100 percent with the people above that we need to share painful stories to help us fight oppression. As a psychotherapist, you can imagine I hear painful stories daily. Often they have to do with oppression/neglect. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.