Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My 2nd EEO Complaint Form Failed!

EAP=Employee Assistance Program: I did tried my best to have another EAP Counselor who can handle the Family, Stress, Emotional and Keep Problem Confidential. But my 2nd EEO Complaint Form failed..


Mikey said...


I sympathize your situation with EEO issue but what part did you fail? I don't see how you fail it...

I suggest you to remain strong and be stubborn and get this issue fixed. You seemed to be giving it up bit too easily. I know it's hard, I'm not saying you are not trying hard enough... that Deaf guy at Disability Office has NO right to do this to you. You should report this to his supervisor. His behavior is very inappropriate. He's wrong. The car is a personal issue, nothing to do with his work and for him to treat you a fancy lunch, he crossed over the boundaries. He is WRONG. Report him to his supervisor for his inappropriate behavior especially how he reacted to your decision about putting your Deaf son to Deaf school.

Now you have 3 strong reasons to support your case.

Good luck and DON'T give up.

Anonymous said...

I know how frustrated you could be. This was so unfair to you, your Deaf son, and your entire family. Like I've always said before, your vlogs are very important to all of us. Thank you for sharing your hardship with us.


- Ron - said...

Boy! The Deaf specialist is very unprofessional because he asked you to do his personal favor by driving him over to the rental car service and he criticized you for bringing your Deaf son over to the Deaf school. He should be ashamed for what he had done to you. I would suggest you to contact his supervisor about this and s/he may assist you with filing your complaint immediately. Sorry to see you going through like this. - Ron -

Anonymous said...

I'm very confused... Your situation seems to pertain to your son not getting a qualified interpreter. The EEO stands for Equal Employment Opportunity. They help to ensure that disabled people are not discriminated against in the workplace. How does this relate to your son's lack of qualified interpreters in school? Perhaps this should be filed under the IDEA or ADA instead of the EEOC. If you clarify this more, someone will more likely be able to help you.

Nick Vera said...

From what I viewed your vlog, you expressed your concern for the situation with this guy. I personally think he's unprofessional and unethical approaches. I strongly recommend you to visit the deaf community social services in your area where they can provide their assistances upon your son's situation. Do you have a social services for the deaf and hard of hearing in your home area? If not, maybe you could go to the big city where they have a community center. How's that?

Candace A McCullough said...

Are you saying that the school will not provide a top-notch interpreter for your son until he is in the sixth grade??!! That's absurd. Your son is entitled to his education - don't give up on this one.

I'm really sorry you have had to deal with people in professional positions who don't seem to know how to behave professionally. EAP counselors should never break confidentiality by discussing the names of their clients. If the EAP counselor's supervisor is unresponsive to your complaint, you can report the EAP counselor to the board.

It's also wrong for the DA person to ask for a ride and lunch, then express his opinion about Deaf schools. You have every right to decide the best educational placement for your son.

Hope you will keep fighting. Please feel free to email me at if you want tips on reporting the EAP counselor to the board.