Friday, February 08, 2008

Trust AgBAD's Lobbists at the US Capitol Hill???

Hello Everyone!

First thanks to Jay's vlog called "Take a Peek (look) at AgBAD's Tax Returns" on somewhere on DeafRead...

We, the Deaf taxpayers and Registered Voters should know that AgBAD do have their own lobbists to pull the US Goverment (US Senators and US Congressmen and US Congresswomen) in the US Capitol Hill to pull more attention by AgBAD's $232,505.00 expenses by oppressing us, the Deaf that we are "Hearing Impaired"!!!!!!! Does that means that AgBAD do have rights to tell the US Senators and US Congressmen and US Congresswomen that we are not Deaf but we are "Hearing Impaired"????? Get lost, AgBAD !!! Volta building is located in DC area (close to the US Capitol Hill or White House)???? AgBAD is wasting our Deaf Taxpayers!!!!

You can find on page 25 for your own eyes with real proof from this link:

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RLM said...


The Volta Place (AgBAD office) is located in the Georgetown area (Northwest DC) next to the Georgetown Preparatory School and few blocks to the Georgetown University.

The U.S. Captiol is in the Northeast DC area appx. 20 blocks to the Gallaudet University.

Many VIPs (very important people) send their kids to the Georgetown Preparatory School across from the AgBAD office. How scary!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)