Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who "ATTACK" FIRST in History ???? Hearing or Deaf ????

Don't know if the Deaf Piano Man, an understanding person or close mind or what? I was a former "Deaf Oral Militant" since age 3 yrs old! So I decided use that video because I feel that the Oral Deaf Education do NOT really provide equal education for all of us who got frustrated NOT understanding English. Of course, most of the time hearing oral educators were fed up with us when we do not have good english skills while we are Deaf Oral students. They do not respect and do not want to teach us! They, the hearing oral deaf educators prefered to teach few other students who were excelled in English and also they come from higher income family. They do not want to teach some of us because we come from Middle Class "working parents" and poor income family! Let you know that there are a lot of former Oral Deaf students now depended on welfare income because there are still a lot of oppressed on our no good english. Thanks!

Something went wrong with the Nazi in RNId statement while we the Deaf people do still have problems NOT understanding English about removing Deaf genes!

So I got info for the USA Deaf/HH Registered Voters about one hearing "Religious" candidate who wants to keep it legal to kill deaf people in the womb from this video tube link:


Concerned Mother said...


AG Bell is the root of the whole problem that the Deaf community have to live with.

That Deaf Piano Man, aka, Mike McConnell, have one agenda, and that is to divide the community.

We need to let the community, hearing and deaf that the "Deaf Piano Man" needs to be ignored!

Concerned Mother

Deaf Dating said...

I love your story!!! good job! I hope to see more from you!

Anonymous said...

Yayaya! Shawn, I totally agree with you! :)