Friday, March 16, 2007

We Must Stop the Hate Crimes from IKJ and IKJ's BoT!

It is time to stop the Hate Crimes from IKJ and IKJ's BoT! IKJ had been brownosing since he got a job as teaching psychology at Gallaudet and also he was an head of Psychology Dept at Gallaudet and he was a president at Gallaudet in 1988. He had been messing up the Deaf communities and our mental health! (pls pardon for my error signing for "psychology" but IKJ and IKJ's BoT do still bothered my mind for too long time!)

When will Ken Levinson be out of BoT at Gallaudet? Ken Levinson had already learned how to be brownosing from the AG Bell's oppressing against ASL! Ken Levinson had been twice created the stigma against the whole deaf community without any apology! This is happening at Deaf Oral Schools that teach us how to use "Favorisms" which it is called "Hate Crime" by rejecting some of us the Deaf who have language delayed because we had not learn ASL for so many years!

Wondering about Dr. Barry Bergen? Is he taking over a Chair of History/Government at Gallaudet? Go read on this link:

IKJ and IKJ's BoT are NOT GOOD for our Deaf communities and our mental health! We must stop their hate crimes by moving on to preserve our ASL Studies/Deaf History and Government! We need to learn more ASL and save ASL to prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome and the Hate Crimes!


Anonymous said...

I agreed with you about stop the hate crimes! I am not from sjid but ex-husband did enrolled sjid. I had to divorce him because he did badly abused me and he ended up blaming on sjid nuns for teaching him how to abuse me!

I think sjid should not be written off from the IRS!

Anonymous said...

Screw the SJI nuns for f+=king up Deaf family mental health!

SJI is run by human beings who are prone to errors. They, the SJI nuns promote hypocricy and immorality. So far I am aware of 4 Deaf men who are SJI graduates that did verbally abused on their own Deaf wives! They, 4 Deaf SJI men declared that they did blamed on SJI nuns! And also my friend's SJI husband did told me long time ago that he blamed on SJI nuns for not being so good to his wife!

I will not advise you to leave the SJI nuns alone, because SJI nuns have their own challenges to keep us the Deaf mental and family falling apart..

You are right about SJI's AHAP the HUD should not be writting tax off from IRS because they, SJI nuns are teaching Hate Crimes which it messed up the Deaf communities around USA!

How can we contact the United Way, CFC, the Variety Club and other charities not to support SJI for this Hate Crime? They are supposed to serve the poor people but they the nuns got rich to live in retirement home and fancy homes!