Monday, March 26, 2007

Response to Banjo's blog

First, I want to thank to Banjo for sharing your blog with us!

Of course there are some Deaf mainstream (not all) do have problems with drugs in their mainstream public schools, too! Where is that anononoymous hearing mother's common sense!???!!!?? I was so disgusted from reading on this blog link:


mishkazena said...

It's possible that there is no real mother, but someone with a personal grievance against Chris, pretending to be a mom, to stir up the pot against Deaf community.

ASL Risen said...

That's insulting to Chris's mom. I feel that Chris' mom did her good job by raising him a very fine gentleman!

Anonymous said...

I am a child of deaf parent's. My father was not only a nationally reknown deaf educator, my mother wasa wonderful intelligent homemaker. Both parents graduated from Gallaudet University. I am disgusted and sickened to my stomach to hear the horrible story of this poor deaf child so horribly abused by his mother and perhaps his father. I also question the reality of the person being hearing if so your grammar needs re checking. Secondly, it is so sad that you see fit to teach your son SEE, although that may be the english edition, please if you have any compassion lets start with Sign Language called "A.S.L." American Sign Language. Furthermore, you see some homosexuals as you call it coming on to your son, perhaps he was inviting them. There are all kinds of people in this world but you seem to have so much hatred. Perhaps you should seek the help of a professional psychologist to help bring you some inner peace and also to meet a mother who prefers one son over the other is not a MOTHER! Further more to judge one parents upbringing of another is just one's admission of failure. Perhaps you should just go get a life unless you are havig problems dealing with the fact that yours was a total failure and that you are almost over with your "life"? I am thankful for my parents, I am also the proud father of a deaf daughter 21 in college and two sons in highschool and junior high. GOD has blessed me with three kids one deaf, one hard of hearing and one with normal hearing and we are all ASL Proficient by choice, love and respect for our deaf grand parents uncles, aunts mom and other realtives!

Heath said...

I watched the ASL vlog and the comments that were said on here and both Banjo's blog. I think that you need to take into account how the hearing mother sees things from her point of view and she clearly wants the best for her Deaf son. I think she honestly in her heart did everything she could to help her son the best that she knew how. The particular comment in ( .... ) will be my emphasis then I will explain because I come from a hearing family and I am the only Deaf son and I can understand why the mother slapped the son's face.

I was truly horrified when the Deaf community attacked the wonderful Deaf actress, Marlee Matlin. ( ... My own son told me Marlee Matlin is not successful and I slapped his face so hard because that was complete disrespect for a wonderful woman and I told him to never talk like that about successful people ever again ... ) but he continues to backstab successful people.

This is a very strong hearing culture. Hearing people normally do not backstab successful people neither do they say anything bad about successful people. I can understand completely why his mother slapped his face so hard and I am 100% sure that if the hearing son had said the same thing. He would have got his face slapped so hard by his own mother because that really is very disrespectful, just complete disrespect, in hearing culture so I can really understand that. I think the Deaf community could take some good pointers from the mother and consider the " bad manners " of the Deaf community and how we can improve and strive to be better people.

I think the part about the ASL being SEE in the Deaf community is very un-realistic excepation on the part of the mother but I can understand she desires for her son to have a good command of the English language.

I happen to think the mother may be an alocholic in need of help where another recovering alocholic women can really help her.

I just hope for the best for the mother and the son.

I also really can understand both of the Deaf v.s. hearing debate.