Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feelings from Through Deaf Eyes

Yesterday I got home after work, I was shocked with a news about one of my family side who was in the hospital last Thursday! Too much mixed feelings!! Life short!!!

Hope you will have a very nice day!


Jay said...

You did a great work. You have pointed out things that do need attention. They are valid.

David said...


Don't feel bad about ordering stuff from PBS. We need them as part of our resources and research purposes. I will have that anyway.

Yes you are right about Deaf students being transferred from public schools to Deaf institution are considered failure in ignorants' eyes. But to Deaf, it is the opposite.

My priority for Deaf children is to get the best education for them in Deaf institution or public schools. The best education for Deaf students is ASL and English as two languages of instruction!

Keep vlogging!


Oscar the Observer said...

I hope I get you right.
Ok, well when I went to school as I grew up, I entered mainstreamed classes. I noticed attitudes surrounding me changed somewhat.
My deaf peers who were mainstreamed with me seemed proud and it influenced me. The deaf who stayed in deaf classes seemed to think me and few other deaf in mainstreamed classes as "smart".
What bother me NOW is that mainstreamed classes are for "smarter" deaf children but deaf classes are for deaf children who are not smart. That really bother me because as Barb demonstrated brilliantly it is POSSIBLE for deaf children to stay in deaf classes but be very smart when they graduate. I wish that there is a system where deaf teachers teach what they are trained to teach but with SAME standard as hearing teachers, just in ASL that is it. And if there is no deaf teacher for that specific subject, then deaf can go mainstreamed and have specially trained interpreters there. More fair, don't you think?

todos la vie said...

I like your video edits...I didn't realize a few Clerc's assistance not paralleling with the Milan incident. Thanks for sharing.

ASL Risen said...

todos la vie ,

I just figured out that the Bell created the phone company 4 years before the Milan 1880's. That's how the Bell earn profit before sending more numbers of Oral educators to Milan, Italy.

Laurent Clerc died on July 18, 1869 - 4 years before the Bell phone company was created.
Thanks for your comments. SKE

drmzz said...

Hello. I'm actually surprised that you know your way around Windows movie maker. Nice job. Hey, do a vlog about something you like, positive something. I don't want see you too stressed on issues haha. :)