Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Very First Time Vlog!


Joey said...


Welcome to Vlog world. You did very well with your first vlog. I look forward to seeing more of your vlogs!


IamMine said...

Good to see a new female vlogger!

I been griping about that...

Welcome, Shawn! :)

Now I'm gonna gripe about something else...

female of color vlogger... where are you?? ;)

See you next time, Shawn!

ASL Risen said...

Greetings iammine!

I am in St. Louis!

Whoa! It's really hard to figure out how to set up vlog alone myself but I did really enjoyed to learn alot about vlogging!

I was so grateful to learn alot from watching a Deaf Hawaii Professor Carl who did really show his experiencing with his own web cam and digital camcorder from his own vlog! He did really encouraged us, the Deaf "Vlog!!! Vlog!!! Vlog!!!!"

So I thought why not try myself with a new hobby from watching Carl's advising!!! It was so good experiment with my newest hobby from my own web cam!!!

I do still need shop around for a new digital camcorder to carry and fit in my purse but but but I looked at hearing people's cell phone that has video camera install!!! Why not us, the Deaf Vloggers should have our video pager???? Will that video pager be perfect for us, the Deaf Lady Vloggers to carry more lighter in our purse?

iammine, you can DO Vlogging! Try start Vlogging!!! We all can learn from our mistakes everyday in our lifetime! Hope to see you next time on your Vlogging!!!


Jay said...


Now that you got your blog up, managed to get your vlog uploaded, and posted on your blog, you just passed the technology hurdle, and should be able to joy-ride the rest of the way. Looking forward to seeing your messages.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...


I am very excited to see your very first vlog! I am still in the mainland, and I want to congratulate you for making your own debut here!

Happy vlogging!


Anonymous said...

Hi, U need to have more colors, but not bad for a first time, but not a first woman-vlogs tho.. Teri Sentelle was, then chain of reactions from there.. I ll love to see more of yours, but do some works on the colors, as it appears too white.. Smile

Stockholm said...

You are very sweet! I had same reaction as you about Jane. How did she communicate? :-)
I will start vloging in Sweden, smile!
Hope you do it more!