Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ASL is Risen!

This vlog is supporting ASL as long as we live! ASL had been lost in education for so many years! Knowing that we had missed ASL education for so long many years! Now it's time for ASL to be free! ASL is the most noblest God's gift for all of us on the earth! Don't be ashame yourself if someone criticized you that you have poorly English grammars. Just be proud of your own language. Ignore those people who criticized or insulted you if you didn't have excel English. Just be yourself for who you are! You cannot help it since you have grown up from a deaf oral school or mainstream school! You did hard struggling with your poorly speech disorders for so many wasted years. Now it is time for us to move on our new life with a new ASL Life. Just move on with your big smile! ASL is there for you to learn about who are you! Just enjoy indentify thyself !

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