Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Still Enemy?????

Thank you Note for NAD President, Bobbie Scoggins for forwarding my email to NAD Law Advocacy! Hope that NAD will be more PROACTIVE working together with other some National Deaf Organizations to have more support the ASL Education by improving far more better future Deaf Children Education as soon as possible... We need to have more peaceful (not enemy) in our future Deaf community. I understand that the Deafness Research Foundation took advantage of 11 or 10 organizations by helping to get the US Goverment to work out the US Laws with the Federal Health Care Insurance to have CI and Oral education only to be COVERAGE but NOT ASL Education. We need to have ASL education to be covered by the Federal Health Care Insurance to prevent the early language delayed and problems for some Deaf children who can be can be more benefit from bilingual development education with more RESPECT. We need all RESPECT each other in our future Deaf children education and future Deaf community WITHOUT being ENEMY, ATTACKING and BACKSTABBING on each other for so many years!

Some SJIAA preferred labeled themselves as "Left Student" (not as "mainstream student"). Some did made good point that they feel "Left Behind Student" from Deaf Oral Catholic School, SJI and went to mainstream public school with no interpreter, no closed captioned and no CART provide before the 1990's ADA law passed from this link:

Few SJIAA Left Students did informed me that they did transferred to Missouri School for the Deaf and that does not means they are "mainstream student"... They got good points! Just want to clarify to SJIAA officers... Thanks to some SJIAA Left Students for making me work too hard since they do not want to have some SJIAA blame on them for wanting to be label themsevles as "Left Students" not as "Mainstream Students" ... .

My Deaf son and his CI friend gone fishing with my hearing co worker, ITP student. We have some friends with Deaf CI. We do not blame them but they did learned so well from ASL Education. ASL education did helped some of CI Deaf children improve their speech and language better than only in orally deaf education.

Why still does the Oral Deaf education still teach some of CI children how to be enemy from other CI children who do have language and speech problems???? We need to have more peaceful Deaf education and Deaf community for our future. Have a very good day! I will not be able to have more time to read comment because Im busy full time working overtime mom.

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deafsingle said...

Good points. Appreciate your view.