Monday, February 11, 2008

Why No CC on my vlog & AGBAD supports Hillary's NO CC?

I respectfully disagreed with AGBAD's member, Richard Roehm "The Deafie Orange Blog" because Richard Roehm wants to make other hearing people to look down on some of us who grew up from Deaf Oral education with no good english grammars subtitled on some of our vlogs. Seems Roehm wants other people to LOOK DOWN on some of us??? I do NOT make money from my vlog and subtitle!

I want to thank Deaf Political Junkie's blog called "Why This Deaf Woman Supports Obama" somewhere on the way down below Deafread. AGBAD seems bribed Hillary Clinton not to have closed captioned from her website!!!???? Of course, AGBAD donated a lot of money to support Hillary Clinton for no closed captioned on her own website!

About State Commission for the Deaf from this link: Wonder if there is America or US Commission for the Deaf/HH in Washington DC for us all Federal Taxpayers?? We need to catch up the legislations from the US Capital Hill closely... Just give my thoughts.

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Sam said...

wow, how you got the source about no CC online what AGBAD support?

ASL Risen said...

Hi Sam,

go copy and paste this blog link:

thanks, S

OCDAC said...

With captioning made so easy these days. I now see deafies looking for reasons not to caption their videos. Carl brought up some, and Shawn brings up others. Others will bring up whatever reasons not to caption your video blogs. Maybe what we're seeing is one of the benchmarks of the high illiteracy rate in the deaf communities.

ASL Risen said...

Richard, I can see your wanting others to make fun of my no good English subtitled. It is NOT my fault because of Oral Deaf education did left me behind! You have no respect for some of us!

Anonymous said...

Actually, many AGBell members use captions, and AGBell supports captioning and CART reporting. Thus, if Hillary Clinton does not have captions on her videos, it is in spite of her support from A.G. Bell and not because of it.

ASL RIsen's supporters said...

Richard Roehm
you dont know what the hell she's saying why don't you learn some more ASL to understand her more or is it you want to pick on her cuz you like her ? well you can't have her.

Meredith said...

This is false. Have you even looked at HC's website? Go to here and scroll down: Hillary Clinton's Videos - see all those CC symbols? Whoever said Hillary Clinton doesn't have CC is just wrong!

FYI, I do not care if Obama or Hillary wins, as long as it is a Democrat. So please don't think I am supporting Hillary or Obama, I am just saying that whoever told you Hillary doesn't caption videos ON HER SITE is wrong. It's right there on's website.

ASL Risen said...


Thank you so much for your update report! I appreciated your giving out a link!

Seek Geo said...

Hey ASLRisen,

Hillary Clinton does provide a lot of videos with captions. Here's other site:

All videos are provided with captions. :-)


ASL Risen said...

Thanks Seek Geo!!! :D