Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Response to Deaf Tea Time

Hello Cy!

I just want you to know that you are NOT ALONE to get so many anononymous' threat comments. Of course, I was so disgusted from reading on this many repeating anonoymous's comments copied and pasted link:


To let you know that I got a threat mail from the unknown return address and no name on the index card here in St. Louis after Gallaudet Protest in May 2006. Here's the photo down below:

That threat mail was happening right after I got 60 days of suspension from one of the Deaf List serf moderators. So I decided not to subscribe to one of the Deaf listserf after my 60 days of suspension because I couldn't find my self-esteem to join on that one of the Deaf listserf at all!!!

So I am not really for sure who create "Not Deaf Enough" book that was sold in possbily before Feb. 14, 2002 by one of the AG Bell Organization members which it is already ruined our Deaf communities' self esteems from on this copied and pasted link:


That made me disgusted feelings that AG Bell Organization did made the money from the "Not Enough Deaf" to publish out to many public newspapers about "Not Enough Deaf" in Gallaudet Protest which it did harmed and threatened many Deaf communities's self esteems.. That's my opinion..

Thanks for allowing me share my feelings with Deaf Tea Time.. Cy, I do hope you are feeling alright!!! Cy, you are so BEAUTIFUL inside and outside!! Your writing talents did beat my writing skills!!! I just cannot help with my problems from struggling with the English writing skills because I grow up in oral education with the lack of ASL for so many years.. Your beautiful signing skills did beat my signing skills, too! You should be proud of your so many beautiful talents!!! Smile!

Cy, you do have beautiful writing talents and also you do have beautiful smile!!! Please do NOT give up your own self esteem!!! Keep on vlogging!!!



Cy said...


Thanks! I did feel awful for a while but I have a thick skin! I've been accused of something unfounded so I know I've got as couple of enemies because they had posted ugly comments on my blog in the past but that was a single message that I easily deleted. I guess this "simple delete" infuriated this person to the point that s/he had to send me multiple messages so I couldn't delete with just one click.

Like everyone says - it is immature and not productive.

Thanks for your support! I appreciate it. It is hard when you feel everyone is against you as it appears to be the case with listerv? Well, I understand listerv is now defunct??

And you write just fine! Nothing wrong with your English! :)

Anonymous said...


You are a beautiful soul for sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings during your past blogs.

Do not stop what you are doing. I am so proud of Tea Time for moving on. And I am also proud of all the commenters who came forward with their support.

That person who sent you the letter is a coward for saying those things to you.

It bothers me greatly how women get threats like that about being fat or ugly. We stick together with our male allies to stop this kind of social disease by those stalkers.

Thank you for sharing that letter. You are my inspiration. And keep on Vlogging.

Julie Rems-Smario

Julie Rems-Smario

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry that it happened to you. Believe me there are some rotten seeds in the world of AG Bell. There are also some rotten seeds in the ASL world. There are sincere people in both, too.

I look forward to the time when both camps can respect each other for the betterment of our future deaf children.

Anna S

Anonymous said...

I got the letters like yours, too. A friend of mine wrote me an email today, and I will quote from her for you as well as other readers: "The Coward's Letter is truly sadistic. Wondering who that sadist really is, and I have never met a hearing person that laughed about the whole thing. I don't live in a goldfish-bowl as I have many hearing friends as well as deaf friends. They showed some concern and asked me questions as they sincerely wanted to understand the situation."
It is very difficult to understand the situation here! You were brave enough to show the letter that you received, especially it was sent to your home address, which is pretty scary!

Joey said...


I received similar nasty emails but I learned to ignore them. If people have problem with me, they need to talk with me directly.

Stay strong, Shawn!

IamMine said...

One thing I want to make things clear...

Stop putting yourself down on your ASL signing!! SIGH!!!

I can understand you very clearly!

Now...I am sorry you got a threat mail, but that's one moron person.

There's more of us who embrace you, so push that moron out of your sight! :)

BEG said...

if you actually got a threat letter MAILED to you through the post office, take it in to the local post office, because that is a federal felony offense! you never know, they might be able to track that down, and boy would that person be in a world of sorrow...it's a very stiff punishment.

fulton-er said...

...I am all for you and your ideals. Do not even let this put you down. I am standing behind you and others who are for the Deafies.

Stand strong and be proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi ASLisRisen,
I am sorry to heard about your threading letter . Please DON'T let person who is threading you or any deafies people, too . Just ingore CRUEL person ok ? You have another deafies friend who support your side . Please keep up your best vlogging . I notice Tea time is very brave on her vlog wow . that is good for her to keep up her best vlog smile . I would support you and deafies people who are hurting by CRUEL person .Sometimes Some deafies person did hurting and threading me . I keep ingore who's cruel person's threading mail or email . I have plently of good deafies people who support my side too .
Keep delete who's CRUEL person OR report police mail OR who's CRUEL person threading you or deafies people by email or deafread . You can report Jaded or Human editor people . They will take care of it for you . SMILE !

ASL Risen said...

Thanks for sharing your comments!

After I got that threat mail, I did even enjoyed reading on Ricky's, Mishka Zena's, GUFSSA's, People of the Eyes, Elisa Abenchuchan's, other blogs where I found Carl Schroeder did posted his own comments on the other blogs whenever I did get a break from my struggling with my artworks.

I have not doing much painting because I do not have good art education. I enjoyed with my trying to keep it up!

Thanks so much for all of your comments!

ASL Risen said...

And oh I forgot I did even enjoyed watch Joey, Teri's vlog, and Jon's vlog too after I got a threat mail!

Deaf Advocate said...

Good job! Glad you showed the world how corrupted Mo-Deaf listserve is! It can be anyone in particular with so-called St. Louis Deaf CAN. It could be a woman? a man?

The names of people of that group are Paul Blicharz, Linda Blicharz, Ella Eakers, Nina Wilson, Jeff Prail, and others?? They are bunch of COWARDS to play God with us on Mo-deaf.

You can ask your supervisor at work to trace that mail and find out who sent it. They have ways to find out.

Fight back and stamp out AUDISM!